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A badly damaged or missing tooth doesn’t have to make you look and feel awful thanks to advanced restorations like crowns and bridges. At Dentistry @ Hagerstown in Hagerstown, Maryland, knowledgeable dentist Preetinder Aulakh, DDS, and her dedicated dental care team plan custom crowns and bridges to create a very natural appearance and feel. If you live in Hagerstown, Williamsport, Smithsburg, or Boonsboro, Maryland, or Waynesboro or Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, book an appointment online or call the office now.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

What are tooth crowns?

Tooth crowns are hard shells that protect your tooth and restore its original appearance and function. You may need a crown if:

  • You have root canal treatment
  • You have a cracked or broken tooth
  • Your tooth is badly worn down
  • You have severe decay that a filling can't repair
  • Your tooth is badly stained and teeth whitening isn't effective

Dentistry @ Hagerstown offers porcelain-metal hybrid, all-porcelain, and ceramic crowns. Porcelain and ceramic come in a wide range of natural white shades, so your provider chooses the color to match your natural teeth. 

What is a tooth bridge?

A bridge is a tooth replacement option if you're missing one tooth, or a small amount of teeth in one area of your mouth. Bridges prevent your other teeth from gravitating and help maintain ideal tooth alignment. They can also help prevent tooth decay and gum shrinkage by filling the tooth gap perfectly. 

Although dental implants are often the top choice for permanent tooth restoration, some patients need a less expensive option and that's where a bridge can help. 

A typical bridge has two or more anchor crowns with a fixed pontic (replacement tooth) between them. You can also get bridges that replace several teeth at once, which may have additional anchoring crowns. Just like with crowns, bridges match the color of your natural teeth. 

What is the process for getting crowns and bridges?

The exact process depends on whether you're getting a single crown, multiple crowns, a small bridge, a large bridge, or some other variant. Generally, your Dentistry @ Hagerstown provider shapes the tooth or teeth that need a crown by removing a thin layer of enamel. 

Your provider creates digital impressions of your mouth, and then the dental lab uses the impressions to make your new crowns and/or bridges. When your crown and/or bridge is ready, your Dentistry @ Hagerstown specialist uses a professional grade dental bonding material to set it in place. 

If you've got a badly damaged tooth, or you've recently lost one or more teeth, crowns and bridges can repair your smile perfectly. Get in touch with Dentistry @ Hagerstown through online scheduling or by calling the office today for help.