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If your teeth are worn, cracked, or otherwise damaged but you’re not quite sure how it happened, bruxism (teeth grinding) is the likely culprit. Fortunately, a simple solution like a custom night guard can prevent grinding overnight to preserve your oral and general health. At Dentistry @ Hagerstown in Hagerstown, Maryland, highly rated dentist Preetinder Aulakh, DDS, and her team deliver customized care in a comfortable environment. If you live in Hagerstown, Williamsport, Smithsburg, or Boonsboro, Maryland, or Waynesboro and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, reach out by phone or use online booking today.

Night Guard Q & A

What is a night guard?

A night guard is a dental device that protects your teeth while you sleep. The most common reasons for needing a night guard are bruxism, which means grinding your teeth, and teeth clenching. A night guard can also help with temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ/TMD), in which jaw joint problems cause serious pain and other symptoms. 

Although you're generally aware of teeth grinding, clenching, and jaw problems when you're awake, when you're unconscious you just can't control it so that's where a night guard comes in. 

How can bruxism and teeth clenching damage my teeth?

Bruxism and teeth clenching can affect you and your teeth in many ways, including:

  • Loss of tooth surface
  • Cracked teeth
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain 
  • Ear pain
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain and associated problems

If you're not aware of tooth grinding or clenching, but you've noticed some of the symptoms above, schedule an evaluation at Dentistry @ Hagerstown as soon as possible. A night guard could be a simple solution to save your teeth. 

Do over-the-counter night guards work?

Unfortunately, over-the-counter night guards aren't very effective. The main reason for this is their complete lack of customization. Over-the-counter night guards tend to be quite bulky, in addition to fitting poorly, and this means it's quite common for them to get dislodged while you sleep. Even if the night guard doesn’t shift while you’re asleep, it’s usually ineffective if it’s not perfectly fitted.

The prescription night guards available at Dentistry @ Hagerstown are completely different because they’re made of high-quality plastic that's custom-molded according to your digital impressions. The night guard keeps your teeth protected and prevents your jaw from moving out of position while feeling completely comfortable.

Can I wear a nightguard if I have dental restorations?

Yes, you can wear a nightguard if you have restorations like crowns, dental implants, dentures, or bridges. Even if you don’t have any natural teeth left, remember that teeth grinding and clenching with restorations can lead to serious jaw joint problems, headaches, jaw pain, and other issues. 

Find out how a night guard can relieve your teeth and jaw problems now. Call Dentistry @ Hagerstown or click the online booking tool anytime.